Dog days squared – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 24

Well, at least you can’t say that Snuka’s kaiju rampage leaves nothing behind but death and destruction – on the positive side of it, it has saved a famous WWI flying ace’s otherwise crummy day by supplying him with a little dose of delicious schadenfreude. Being avenged by fate like this doesn’t usually happen when he gets shot down, so he cherishes this break from his frustrating routine all the more.

And, yeah, that dog and the other dog are the same dog. What, did you really think there were two different dogs being involved in aerial combat in WWI? I have access to a highly developed electronic brain (“”computer””) and put the question to it – and the answer was unambiguous: There is a 0 % chance for the historical existence of two separate dogs taking part in WWI as fighter pilots. And that goes for both random drift as well as Bayesian! Therefore, the two dogs must obviously have secretly been the same dog. Also, have you ever seen Snoopy and Muttley in the same room at the same time? No, because nobody has. Q.E.D.

Which raises the intriguing possibility that Charlie Brown could be secretly Dick Dastardly, of course. ._. I’m not totally sold on it, though – while it’s true that the pidgeon escapes Dick as consistently as the football escapes Charlie, and the results of Dick flying a plane and Charlie flying a kite look identical (a jumble of wood, wire and fabric), there is the fact that Charlie never tried any unfair tricks to kick that football. So the jury remains still out on that.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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