Now you’ve got the march stuck in your head – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 25

As far as I could discern from watching movies, modern air combat somehow involves golfing.

It seems odd, but apparently it’s true – I guess they wanted to make it more civilized, or something. But, definitely, in all of those movies, the good guy set out to defeat the bogey, i.e. to score better than one above par. Usually they also manage to get it done, although somehow it also still involves air-to-air missiles. I don’t know exactly how it works, because I usually skip over those boring action parts. That’s why I had to keep the whole thing off-screen. >_>

Here, of course, the good guys weren’t supposed to win yet, so I had to make it so that they’re all kind of not to good at golfing. Which is a bit of a stretch, since golfing enjoys growing popularity in Japan, so you’d expect at least some of those guys to reach par.

I guess you could always explain it away by saying that the arcade where Snuka picked up his air combat skills also had a golfing simulator, or something. And a kaiju-sized golf club is probably a lot more powerful than a normal one, anyway, so it was probably a bit lop-sided from the start. Or do they use the air-to-air missiles instead of clubs? Now I really wish I had paid better attention to those parts….

More on Thursday!

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