Congratulations on yo…ok, shutting up now… – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 26

aMeanwhile, back at the base, Mopey has emerged from her deep contemplation about the solution to her trilemma and settled on a course of action.

Ultimately, the weakest spot in the cordon sanitaire which the Professor had placed around her was quite obviously behind door…or rather, hole in the wall, No. 2. By doubling as a bedroom, room No.2 offered a way around the strictures concerning bathrooms in movies…and there was a simple, if painful and humiliating, way to work around the strictures that applied to a single lady in a movie entering an occupied bedroom.

While Mopey really had had no plans for marriage, and in fact holds strong objections to the concept in general, it was still more bearable for her to enter holy matrimony than set foot into the Happiest Kingdom on Earth. After all, nobody can force her to have a happy marriage, and she’s in fact dead set on making sure she’ll remain as unhappy about the whole situation as she was on this first day of her married life – and of course she’ll also make sure that her new husband is just as unhappy.*

As she’s stated, she also intends to make sure that the Professor is going to be unhappy with the outcome of the whole situation – and that her boyfriend Gregory isn’t going to be happy about it is a given. So, misery all around. Take that, Didneyland!

Thanks go out to Capt. Zorba Souvlaki for the loan of his venerable vessel, the MS Skouriasmeno Kouba. I felt like I should spare sensitive people from having to witness the traumatic display of Mopey getting married, and contemporary standards of censorship call for a nice boat to be displayed under such circumstances. Zorba’s ride clearly…or, well, at least mostly…qualifies as a boat, and ‘nice’ can be thought of as residing in the eyes of the beholder, so if you don’t consider this censorship panel as satisfying, you just aren’t cutting Zorba’s boat enough slack.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

* That Mopey forgot to jot down his name might give him a little grace period, of course, but she will find him and she will make him unhappy, as soon as she’s got a free minute.

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