Architectural casualities – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 30

Well, seems like the ground forces still had a final ace up their sleeves before the navy gets in on the act…not that it worked any better than any of their earlier entries in the competition.

But the bigger missile had still been missing from out of the classic line-up of generally ineffective anti-kaiju weaponry, so here it gets it’s turn in the spotlight – and also gets to destroy the first culturally significant landmark in this particular kaiju rampage. As Lt. Dapi correctly points out, kaiju tend to be attracted to places of cultural significance and/or popularity with tourists.

And the first architectural victim is…the Hitler Building in Tokyo, which suffered the same fate in Invasion of the Neptune Men as recycles stock footage from World War III breaks out. I’m frankly surprised at the existence of such a building in post-war Tokyo*, but since they showed it in movies, it must be true. ._.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

*I can’t read the Japanese, of course, so perhaps it’s actually an anti-Hitler building. Or perhaps just some department store, and the founder just happened to share his moustache preference with Hitler…and his waving gesture preference with Laura Ingraham, or something….

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