Twinsies! – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 29

In the meantime, the mysterious sub from the beginning of the act has safely made landfall at the naval base. The fall was considerably safer for the land than for the sub…but, as Lt. Dapi helpfully points out, at least it was better than the last time. And it’s not like parking a sub is easy…aside from the lack of a rearview camera I already mentioned, you’re supposed to end up parallel to the quay, but the propulsion unit is at the back, not at the side.That could all have been set up better, in Lt. Dapi’s opinion, then it would be a lot easier for him. He never had this sort of problem parking his bicycle in front of his old school…he had problems with that, but of a different sort.

And his remarks are helpful with regards to one other aspect, as well: As proof that the adjective legendary is not automatically positive. His eyesight was legendary back at naval academy…in the sense that many and fanciful tales were spun about it for the entertainment of an incredulous audience. One or two traveling bards might have picked it up and spread it even wider. His superiors referred to it in official reports…usually when they had to explain certain otherwise inexplicable incidents to their own superiors. Yet Dapi’s naive assumption, that all the press his eyesight got must mean it’s particularly good, is sadly mistaken. A misperception, if you so will.

Take Biff’s and the Kaiju’s case, for example: Yes, they both seem to have about the same amount of intelligence, and they both leave a wide swath of destruction in their respective wakes – but visually, there are some key clues to keeping them apart. The monster is a lot bigger, for one thing – how much precisely isn’t entirely consistent between scenes, but it’s definitely a lot. Also, the monster is a lot greener than Biff…even though Biff got sea-sick on the sub, and turned slightly green, he got nowhere near the vibrant dark green of the kaiju (and it’s not easy being green, so of course Biff wouldn’t be good at it).

Anyway, with the ground forces already being reduced to desperate measures, could it be finally be time for the naval forces to show what they’ve got? Assuming they’ve got something more than Lt. Dapi, of course…

More on Thursday!

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