Architectural sightseeing – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 57

BINGO! The top-secret research reactor is located in the Fuji TV building. Obviously. Since it’s pretty much the only building on the Minato waterfront that looks the part of housing a top-secret research reactor, or anything else of the sort. It sure doesn’t look like it was designed to house offices and studios, even though that is what it is housing in real life.

Naturally, the building is used to that kind of attention in fiction. It’s been partially destroyed by Godzilla, haunted by both ghosts as well as Digimon and been seen in the background (both intact or as a ruin) in countless manga, anime and movie scenes.

But right now it’s busy housing a negaplasma reactor. In B-movie terms, Negaplasma is essentially the same as antimatter…just that the scriptwriter was too much of a hipster to use ‘antimatter’, and too little of a physics geek to come up with some sort of alternative that actually makes sense. Antimatter, in B-movie terms, is essentially magic (just that the scriptwriter (not necessarily the same one as before) was told they were supposed to write scifi and not fantasy).

More on Thursday.

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