At last the 1948 story – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 52

Well, the holidays are approaching, and today already seems to be a very special and joyous day for our friend, Dr. Dutchman Fu: the day the heroes finally arrive to put an end to his evil. Because before doing that, they’ll have to let the Doctor do what he’s been so desperate to do for so long: tell his lifestory.

What’s the point of leading a long life of evil, atrocities and misdemeanours when you never get to tell anybody about it? And whom should villains tell their fascinating lifestories to, if not their heroic opponents? I mean, villains are contractually obliged to not have friends, or at the very least kill them early into the first act.

Villains may enter into alliances with each other, of course, but for one thing these are bound to end in betrayal, sooner or later. And for the other thing, there is hardly anything more boring and confusing that two villains trying to relate their lifestories to each other at the same time.

I’m pretty sure that Dr. Fu’s lifestory will be boring and confusing enough on its own, so we can all be thankful that this chapter doesn’t have a supplementary villain.

More on Thursday.

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