Atlantis risen – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 31

Yeah, Mopey has good reason to feel a certain familiarity about this place, since it’s essentially a retread of Captain Emo’s throne room from Chapter 3.

This is not meant to indicate that the villain of this chapter is Captain Emo, of course – merely that the current villain shares Emo’s tastes, and that only to a limited degree. After all, Emo’s place was gold-plated all around, while this new incarnation goes for a much more modern dilapidated corrugated metal look. Or “decaying military-industrial”, as Mopey put it – I knew she’d like the effect. It’s not horribly depressing, but at least a lot more subdued than Emo’s version.

And Mopey’s bedroom could do with a refurnishing, anyway. She’s been using the same style nearly forever. I mean, she started using “Medieval crypt” style when she was 13, and a few years later switched to “Medieval dungeon” – which is a very similar style, just with added functionality. A completely new look would definitely liven things up, after all these years.

More on Thursday!

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