1 percent inspiration, 99 percent conspiration. – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 30

Zounds, foiled again! Mopey’s clever attempt at trying to gain some insight into the villain’s background before meeting them has been thwarted.

By being part of ALL of the major conspiracies at the same time, the villain has made it practically impossible to figure out their true colors. It’s a very effective method, but it likely comes at a very high price – just think of all of the consipratiorial meetings they’ll have to take part in, and the kind of weird people they’ll have for company there.

And it probably also takes a lot of effort to keep all of your scripts separate…these conspiracies tend to be mutually exclusive, so if you accidentally read the wrong prepared statement at one of those group meetings, you’ll have a quite a bit to explain. And while running very fast, on top of it.

But it did work to throw Mopey of their track…or rather, onto so many of their tracks heading into different directions that it comes down to the same.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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