Poor phrasing by Mopey, Vol. IX, incident 147 – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 29

Yeah, that way of putting it was inconsiderate and cruel, and Mopey doesn’t like to be like that. She does enjoy being considerately cruel if she feels the situation calls for it, but that wasn’t really the case here. As much as the ‘new’ Snuka annoys her at times, she’d be hard pressed to deny that she still considers him way less deserving of losing fingers than the ‘old’ Snuka…whose fingers were overly nimble, and regularly in places where they had no business being.

But it’s a good idea of her to be on the lookout for useful bits of intelligence, as they’re being escorted towards parts unknown. Storage facilities like this one can contain all kinds of useful clues…they might learn something about the Professor’s whereabouts. Or Biff’s. Or the Ark of the Convenant’s. Two out of three wouldn’t be bad, either – she’d love to find out about the Professor’s whereabout AND the Ark of the Convenant’s at the same time. (Biff will show up again, anyway, he’s never let anyone’s opinion stop him from doing that.)

And, yeah, the way Mopey’s tied up, she shouldn’t actually be able to use her legs. And she doesn’t – as a goth girl, she can switch to gliding mode when she’s wearing a sufficiently long dress. Don’t ask how that works, it’s pretty much magic.

More on Thursday!

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