The odds are getting odder – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 28

Mopey continues to show great skill in analyzing the tactical situation, but unfortunately it all comes to naught. While her situation actually doesn’t look all that hopeless (aside perhaps from Snuka slowly bleeding out just off-screen), there’s no arguing with her realization that there just isn’t enough story-time left to allow her to escape again and be recaptured later.

Somebody needs to face the villain about soonish, so some dearly necessary exposition can be had. And who could it be, if not Mopey? Even if Biff wasn’t otherwise captured right now, he’d turn the whole thing into a farce if you’d let him handle it. >_>

And, yeah, drawing all of those massive stockpiles of military equipment took a huge effort of many hours on my part, but artistic integrity still required me to keep it all off-screen, since…uh…it just made for a much better composition in that panel. *coughcoughcough* Yeah, right. (Of course the actual B-movie alternative would have been to use stock footage of material stockpiled for Operation Overlord in WWII…)

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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