Running the numbers – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 27

You might think what you want regarding Mopey getting herself and Snuka captured, but there’s no arguing with her tactical analysis here, which is entirely sound and reasonable. Odds of 3.000 to 2 against you do, in fact, count as being outnumbered. Some people would even set the threshhold as low as 1.000 to 2. It would be rather careless of Mopey not to consider these numerical odds when deciding her future couse of action. ._.

The issue with numbers is similarly straightforward in Snuka’s case. 8-10 fingers counts as plenty. 5-7 indicates you should start economizing on the attrition. 4 is a level you should try not to drop below. (11 is plenty plus a spare, but might get Inigo Montoya after your ass.)

And, as Mopey points out, Snuka’s sacrifice is in vain, anyway. While the ropes they’re bound with look exactly like the ropes they were bound with before, there’s no way Snuka could cut through them, this time. They’re using a different type of thread. A plot-thread.

More on Thursday!

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