Back on the Gridirink – Chap. 6, Epilogue 2

Meanwhile, in CANADA…

The second little epilogue strip features Biff, and shows how well he’s adapting to his new life…uh, I didn’t mean ‘new’…how he’s adapting…well, not ‘adapting’, of course…it shows how he’s successfully re-accustomizing himself to the life of a Canadian hockey quarterback, which he had already lived for many years prior to his trip to Japan. Of course.

Biff’s just gotten a bit rusty, due to lack of training on his extended trip. You’ll see, in a couple of…hours…days…weeks…or similar discrete units of time, he’ll be skating around the rink like the pro he’s supposed to have been before. Which will give his new personal cheerleader even more opportunity to cheer him on! (Not that she doesn’t already thoroughly enjoy watching him fall on his ass, anyway – cats, you know…).

Anyway, for the record: everything’s well and back to normal* for Biff.

More on Thursday.

*post-retcon normal

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