Still needs practice, though – Chap. 6, Epilogue 1

Our first little epilogue strip focuses on Lt. Dapi, for whom a lot has changed in the course of the chapter.

A combination of heroic actions and vision correction saw him finally get the promotion that escaped him for so long!

And who is to say he didn’t deserve it? He’s definitely become a much more competent submarine commander…almost an exemplary one, in fact, if it wasn’t for that one little problem that still bedevils him (and many others): parallel parking. Unfortunately, it seems that issue wasn’t actually caused by his vision defect, but rather some sort of handicap he has in regards to spatial thinking.

But hey, it’s just a fender bender (I hope submarines are equipped with fenders), and he doesn’t let it get him down! He sees the good sides, and he’s kinda right: if the purpose of a shake-down cruise really is to make any kind of loose equipment falls down or over, then he’s succeeded quite spectaculary in his mission. Everything that’s left standing on that sub after that collision is definitely fastened beyond properly.

(I don’t actually know whether submarines beep when you put them in reverse, but I would assume they do. It seems such a sensible safety precaution.)

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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