The end meets the beginning – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 128

Naturally, the chapter ends with a callback to the first strip, since these things are supposed to be circular.

And the slight alteration brought about by the kaiju’s absence also serves as a further confirmation that the end of the chapter is a happy end. Well, mostly, at least. Slightly qualified for a few people, like Admiral Watanabe (but villains aren’t supposed to partake in the happy end), Snuka and our anonymous friend here, the captain of the merchantman.

Based on his previous experiences, he had been braced for the worst…and the failure of the worst to show up now leaves him at a financial loss, since he had intended to at least profit from it a little bit. It’s a valuable lesson in that glass-half-full-half-empty thinking. Never think of the glass as being half empty! But don’t think of it as being half full, either. Think of it as being completely empty, for given your typical luck, you’ll somehow manage to spill whatever was left in it. ._.

So, I hope you enjoyed this chapter…and that you’ll join me again for the next one!

Until that starts, we’ll be making some much-needed improvements to the side, so the next few updates will be various epilogues and odds-and-ends to the just concluded chapter. There are still a few loose threads to deal with, after all, and you know how I hate those. =P So I’ll just take them and…uh…weave them into an intricate tapestry of whimsy and wonder. >_>

More on Thursday.

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