Balls of Steel – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 48

Yeah, so now we’re done with the exciting stuff, and it’s time to cover the basics – those inventions the Professor had to develop as a matter of course, because they simply come with the territory.

A Space-Superweapon is a must, and basing it off a WWII-era battleship is a common touch. But since “Yamato” and “Bismark” were already taken, the Professor had to settle for a less well-known and much smaller vessel. Still, a very creditable effort, in my humble opinion.

Another obligatory development was a giant, mechanical kaiju based on the biological one that was found on the island. It’s a kind of compulsion that’s hard to explain, but since it has happened so regularly before, I felt it was safe to assume that it would happen in this case as well. And perhaps it’s not even that far-fetched…after all, there are things like mechanical elephants and dinosaurs in real life, so there is some impulse to copy nature like that. They just usually don’t figure into plans for world domination.

At least not openly. >_> <_< The kid polishing the mecha will show up again (of course, I'm far too lazy to draw non-essential background characters), for the time being let's just say that he seems to be a combination of Shinji Hikari and Karate Kid. Speaking of, I don't know where they're flying their flags from, either. Likely some kind of electronic thingamajik that totally lacks the physical presence and grace of design of a traditional dreadnought battleship. More on Thurs...uh, Monday!

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