Seeing is believing – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 47

This one was inevitable, of course – how could the Professor fail to meddle around with that invisibility thing which Admiral Watanabe’s ninja demonstrated so impressively when they kidnapped him? The Professor isn’t the kind of guy to let that sort of thing slide, and not the kind of scientist, either – after all, there must be much more effective applications for that technology than just making individuals invisible.

The invisible Multiple Rocket Laucher System is a good first step…I mean, once they’ve made it fully invisible. It would be practically invulnerable then! Well, unless it gives itself away by kicking up dust while moving…or by firing rockets, of course…and it could still be hit by random chance, naturally. So…uh…it would be practically invulnerable as long as it’s not firing, not moving, and stationed far away from the fighting. That’s gonna be a popular assingment for the crews.

But crew morale shouldn’t be much of a problem, anyway – not to somebody who commands the awesome power of INVISIBLE PROPAGANDA! That the subject does not consciously perceive your message makes it much more effective – and that you don’t know the content of your message yourself is an added security feature against espionage. Even if, sadly, it reduces the scientific testability, as the Professor observed. But I’m sure it works…in the context of this strip. After all, the Professor got the Glocke to work, and that’s about the same distance of ‘out there’ as that subliminal messaging thing. >_>

More on Thursday!

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