Battle build-up body building. – Chapter 1, Strip 41

Biff knows how to shape up for conflict. And a bonus strip that will help YOU get iron muscles as well.

Today’s spectacular double dose of comic goodness (ok, double dose of comic mediocrity) is brought to you by the American Council for Physical Fitness, and Hans and Franz.

The beeping thing in the first panel is supposed to be a Gameboy, by the way. It’s a vintage, turn- of- the- century model, a predecessor of the model before the current model. Looks totally dated, with a kind of quaint, nostalgic flavour to it. After all, it’s five years old.
The screenshot on the Gameboy is something I selected with purpose, if someone recognizes it, it’s an extra inside joke. (The game from which it is wasn’t released for Gameboy, however.)

Doing the panel with Biff posing was fun, I used Biff’s head, and my own body. (Yeah, right. Actually, my muscles are more like those displayed by Snuka, I have trouble lifting the heavier type of erasers. But it’s my webcomic, and I’ll fib if I want to.)

And a remark about the bonus strip:

Untrained persons should start working out carefully. Best start with a few more mouseclicks (trains finger muscles) by voting for me. On Thursday, we’ll introduce some more supporting cast members.

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