Behold The Risen, With Snacks – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 45

Yeah, okay…so, that thing I said about the “heavy enemy presence” guaranteeing that this staring-with-mouth-agape break couldn’t last too long? Forget about it. Seems like said presence is just as shocked about the results of the four-way-transformation-fiesta as the people directly involved.

And what little mental processing capability remains unoccupied by that pressing concern isn’t being turned toward the planning of offensive action, either. It’s fully occupied with matters of supply – after all, given how crucial the “heavy” trait is for the enemy presence’s tactics, it needs to be maintained at all costs. And those costs are necessarily high, since all of that moving-unblievably-quick-for-a-person-of-that-size logically consumes unbelievable amounts of calories in the process. So these logistical considerations are everything but unimportant – the spice must flow, and the sugar and fat must flow even more.

In the end, it probably doesn’t even matter a lot, though – in magical-girl shows, villains practically never take any actions until the transformation sequence is completely concluded and the heroes are fully capable and ready to rock and roll again. I don’t know why, but suspect a combination of politeness and plot-convenience…and, really, I’m mentioning politeness only to offer any kind of not-external factor. >_> So even if our heavy-set friend wouldn’t be occupied with standing around with mouth agape or stuffing said mouth, he would very likely not do anything any more productive* with his time.

More on Monday.

*for productive read destructive, because villain.

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  1. I remember some parody of Sailor Moon in which the heroes did their transformation, but it cut to the villains watching in boredom as the lengthy process with its background music played out in front of them… this reminds me of that. Not that it’s boring, but that it’s a parody of such transformations. XD

    1. Yeah, there was also one case where an anime parody showed the transformation sequence from the viewpoint of the villains – a rather bizarre effect seen from a distance, with the ‘real world’ still visible in the background. Which does supply sufficient justification for standing around dumb-founded for an extended period of time, too…

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