Beyond Nietzsche – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 61

Well, so much for the airducts being the fastest way to get to the Professor’s lab – but at least Mopey has finally arrived, and just in time for her climactic confrontation with her (former) mentor.

Obviously, this kind of confrontation has to follow certain long-established rules, which only get adapted to the specifics of the case. Shakily adapted, in this case, but adapted nonetheless.

And just as obviously, such a confronation raises fundamental questions about the nature of good and evil. The Professor, for example, has been brought to the brink of questioning whether everything that’s scientifically meaningful is automatically good. That’s quite a development for him.

No less significantly, Mope has come to question whether evil is actually good, or at least whether it’s as good as she always believed it to be. I mean, she probably still thinks that evil is cooler and has much better aesthetics, compared to good…but does that really suffice to make evil good? It’s quite a disturbing train of thought for her. For the time being, she’ll employ the working assumption that there are two kinds of evil: good evil and evil evil. That should get her through the ethical conundrum of the current situation. As for later, that will have to be seen. This new realization could have vast consequences for her outlook on life, as well as her sartorial choices – although she’d probably still prefer even evil evil to wearing pink.

More on Thursday.

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