…she’s on both sides of the family. – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 62

I must say, I’m impressed. By any standard I previously thought applicable to Biff, that’s a surprisingly coherent and reasonable plan he’s come up with. O_O;

Admittedly, his mental processes might have been helped along by the fact that the plan draws on two of his natural strengths: Causing fights and throwing insults on a pre-teen level*. Not to mention that, in plot-terms, a fight between the mecha-kaiju and its biological inspiration was pretty much a given. But still, following in the wake of a plan based on lobbing ever-increasing numbers of grenades at the monster, this one shines like a gem.

And it also speaks in favor of the plan that Lt. Dapi immediately understands it, despite the fact that Biff used a diagram he had drawn himself to explain it. >_> For while Biff’s insults might only reach the level of a typical 12-year old, his artistic skills are trailing even further behind.

As for the question why the kaiju can read, in the first place, it’s pretty simple. Admiral Watanabe had him taught reading because before the Professor invented the mind-control device, they made an attempt to get it under control using propaganda pamphlets.

Happy Holidays, everyone – more on Monday!

* And he’s lucky that the monster isn’t too mature for that sort of thing, either. Although it’s a bit handicapped in that regard: Its mother really weighed more than a platoon of tanks.

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