Dropkick on a clothesline – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 63

And the kaiju fight is on! Ugahrull coming straight out with a dropkick, and a beauty*! Pandemonium is running wild, and the Madison Square Garden literally just exploded!

Well, actually not literally, and not really the Madison Square Garden. A generic Tokyo highrise got crushed…for starters, that is. If the fight ends up covering a lot of ground, the Budokan might be in danger, but the Garden seems quite safely out of range.

Remarkably, the mecha pilot immediately jumped to the right conclusion…well, was thrown to the right conclusion, concerning Ugahrull’s triggers. His personal experience helped: the kaiju doesn’t have red hair, but otherwise the similarity is uncanny!

Besides all that, today’s take-away-lesson clearly is: Always put your seatbelt on! I wanted to squeeze in another one about using your turn signal, but that was too much of a stretch for a kaiju fight.

More on Thursday.

*Just look at the distance, and the perfectly level flight path! It’s almost like it’s running on rails!

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