Happy New Year 2017! – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 64

I know that Dec. 29th is kinda early for posting the end-of-year strip, but Monday would definitely have been too late, so it just turned out like this. And, anyway, I think there are few people who would disagree that 2016 is a year that just can’t end soon enough.

And, as is tradition, the BMC year ends with a bang, iadvertedly caused by Biff. Which didn’t even require much of a set-up this year, since Biff had already been shown handling explosives unsafely in some of his most recent appearances. All he had to do was carrying on like he had done, just with more explosives, which fits in perfectly with his established natural tendencies.

As far as Lt. Dapi is concerned, he seems to have forgotten what had happened on July 4th, or perhaps never figured out that Biff was responsible for that. Plus he’s an eternal optimist, he just never expects the worst to happen – which may have to do with the fact that he’s pointed out himself: he hasn’t known Biff for that long yet. >_>

So, Happy New Year, everyone – more next year!

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