Prepare for dribble… – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 65

…and make it triple!

To contribute lightly to deforestation…

…and unite all people in desperation.

To denounce the evils of truth and love…

…and always mark it as “none of the above”.



Team Snuka, blasting off at the speed of slow!

Surrender now, or we’d rather go!

That’s right!

Sorry for this. >_>

Yes, the new year is off to a great start already, at least for fans of Snuka…so, not too many people, actually. More likely just Snuka himself…but even that’s still three people*, at least reight at the moment. For, as was subtly foreshadowed by the color-separation effect a few strips back, all three separate versions of Snuka are currently concurrently in existence.

This is easily explained by the Professor’s experiment conducted on Snuka.

No, I won’t elucidate that further. It’s easily explained by the Professor’s experiment on Snuka, that’s all. >_> I will also not explain why you should prepare for dribble, just that that’s always a sensible precaution. Especially if you’ve got a cat.

The take-away is really just this: The Snuka has been tripled, and greatly troubled in the process. For it seems Snuka has a hard time living with himself… which kind of answers a question a lot of people have had reason to ask, over the years. In his defense, he’s not quite himself today. Well, at least two of him aren’t quite himself, but still too much himself for comfort. Let’s just say his current relationship status is “It’s complicated”, as far as his relationship with himself is concerned.

More on Thursday.

* plus a paper fan and a large industrial fan, so that’s already five fans!

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