Bi-Winning! – Chap. 3, Act 4, Strip 47

You really have to admire Zorba for his strength of character. A lesser man couldn’t hear such a sob-story without being sincerly moved on some deep level, Zorba can tell it with complete insincerity and shallowness. It’s a tough job, but someones got to do it. And that’s why you need someone like Zorba to rope somebody like randomnly changing generic first-name into doing it.

Step four: profit

Mopey, meanwhile, scores a second point for common sense over her professor – bi-winning! Fortunately for her, characters in B-movies can have flashbacks even to those parts of a scene that they hadn’t really witnessed. I guess the easiest way you could explain it is some sort of ESP – they didn’t really see Captain Emo when they were attacked by the robotic Dunkleosteus, but his aura lingered over all the events and enabled them to clearly picture him in their minds. Or something. It’s odd, but keep in mind the advantages: Everyone is on the same page now, a few minutes after meeting each other again after eventful months. If you wanted that done in a plausible way, that would have been a dozen strip’s worth of exposition.

More on Thursday.

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