Big Entry – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 19

A kaiju is never early, nor is it late, it arrives precisely when it means to.

And it was high time for the kaiju to finally enter the stage of this kaiju movie. Especially since Mopey even swallowed her pride and screamed (a bit) to faciliate that appearance.

Speaking of screams, a kaiju naturally also requires a characteristic sound or scream to accompany its appearances, often something that has been altered to give it a more unnatural or unusual sound. So I thought I (or rather ‘George Geekish’) should go with the classic “Wilhelm scream” and just inverted it for alienation – this has the huge advantage that it can be symbolized visually, which helps with porting to a different medium. =P

As far as the kaiju’s design is concerned, I wanted to stay true to the classic rubber-suit look, but added some elements from more recent and modern kaiju designs. And then added some more elements, just to make sure to overload the design – after all, it’s a B-movie. XD

More on Thursday!

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