Lilo and Dutch – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 20

Since the kaiju’s big reveal revealed, amongst other things, that the kaiju is not a giant gorilla – not even a mammal, by the looks of it – I felt it necessary to address why the pseudo-Polynesian villagers still went “Kong! Kong!”, all the time.

And, as you can see, the explanation is quite simple and logical. They’re big fans of Danmark, and consider the kaiju their king, so they use the Danish word for king for it, as they naturally would. (Technically, the Danish word for king is “konge”, but it’s “kong” when used as a title.) And why wouldn’t they be fans of Danmark? They’re living practically on the other side of the world from it, that should make it easy to overlook any of those minor flaws and idiosyncracies that so often weigh on the relationship between directly neighbouring nations. XD

The same goes for the Netherlands, of course, although in that case I suspect that additionally to that factor, there must have been some direct contact with some Dutch explorer, or something. There do seem to be slight traces of Dutchness in the DNA of some of the Islanders, if I’m not entirely mistaken. Which some other villagers seem to perceive with some animosity, but I didn’t want to gloss that over – even a generic psedo-Polynesian village shouldn’t be depicted too idyllical, that’s just playing into old stereotypes. Uh, more than necessary for a B-movie, I mean.

And, yeah, those “Tromp!” sound effects were not intended to be the monster’s stomping, but just a couple of villagers celebrating a famours Dutch admiral by shouting his name. I’m afraid you can’t trust even onomatopoeia, these days. ._.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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