Blink once for yes… – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 86

Admiral Watanabe’s deviation from standard villain behavior might seem trivial at first sight, but as Mopey is in the process of finding out, it’s quite consequential.

By not walking away and leaving Mopey and the two Snukas to their inevitable fate, he’s actually making that fate a lot more inevitable than it would otherwise be. For, as hopeless as the situation appears, Mopey’s an old hand at escaping from this sort of set-up, as is original!Snuka (boyscout!Snuka less so, plus his old hands are short on fingers). They could escape with some ease…if the Admiral wasn’t watching. Just like the bio-kaiju two strips ago, and watched pots in general, you just can’t do it while somebody’s watching. ._.

And this doesn’t seem to be just thoughtlessness on the Admiral’s part, I’m almost sure he had planned this all along, and with full knowledge of the consequences. Just keeping standing there could have been put down to morbid fascination or a meditative state of mind…but to use eyedrops to eliminate the need to blink? That’s above and beyond the call of voyeuristic duty.

If the Admiral is really doing this to cut off our heroes’ route of potential escape, he’s really not just a villain (since a villain would have left long ago), he’s worse – he’s a troll. ._.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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