What a pit-y. – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 85

And meanwhile, back on the mysterious island…

One of the positive side-effects of that temporary shift of focus onto the goings-on in Tokyo was that it saved us from having to listen to even more of Admiral Watanabe’s tedious exposition on his plans and motivations. Rest assured, you didn’t miss anything of importance. Bad enough that Mopey and two of the Snukas had to sit throught it all.

Bad enough, but still not quite as bad as what’s happening to them now, that the Admiral is finally finished with his presentations. If I were into lame puns, which I definitely am not, I’d say something about how the situation is really heating up for them. And then I’d giggle at that, which I am definitely not doing.

A quick and sober execution by firing squad would have been very much in character for Watanabe, but of course it would have sorely lacked in the spectacle department*, compared to the par for this sort of movie. So that critical shortage of ammunition is very plot-convenient, indeed. While still being extremely plausible, of course. Just because Watanabe’s outfit can produce giant mecha and other scifi technology, you can’t blindly assume they could easily manufacture something as complicated as late 19th Century rifle cartridges on that island. >_>

But while this alternative method of execution definitely measures up to expected standards for B-movie villains, the Admiral deviates from them in one other, very critical aspect (as I forewarned). He knows that the default expectation would have him leave the scene of the slow-motion execution to attend to some other business now…blindly trusting in his death-trap to perform flawlessly without any oversight on his part.

Yet it looks quite like the Admiral plans on seeing the whole thing to it’s conclusion in the literal sense. That … could have some troublesome consequences…

More on Thursday.

*That’s the part of the department store that sells glasses and contact lenses.

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