Bone of Contentedness – Chap. 5, Act 3, Strip 8

We all knew that Snuka was sneaky, but now we also know that it’s actually quite officially one of her middle names. And no, it’s not a joke, it’s right there on her ID card. Or at least on one of them. She’s got a couple, of course – hey, she got assigned an arts and crafts project, what did you think she’d do? She went for a couple of different names, different ages – and different middle names, as well: about a dozen different adjectives she felt she might some day want to use for an “adjective is my middle name” quip. She even did one where his name is “Snuka Honesty Doctor”, but even she never managed to make that particular quip with a straight face. And the fact that she also went for a different gender on some proved almost clairvoyant of her, looking back from this particular point.

And she really stole one of the bones of that dog skeleton they walked past two chapters ago. Just goes to show, I guess, that she isn’t really as materialistic as you’d think – she doesn’t only steal valuable stuff, she steals junk as well. In moderation, of course. If it had been valuable, she’d have stolen the whole skeleton, instead of only a bone. Should there be another guard dog on the mountain, however, she’ll rue the fact that she stole only one bone – and draw the conclusion that she’s still not stealing enough stuff.

And, yeah, Inuyasha used to work as a guard dog when he was young. He needed the extra money, and his scholastic aptitude assessment didn’t really recommend him for anything as intellectually challenging as delivering pizza or newspapers. ._.

More on Monday.

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