Creeping toward the summit – Chap. 5, Act 3, Strip 9

It really seems that the association with the Professor is starting to rub off on Snuka. That’s quite the scientific approach she’s using here. She carefully measures her rate of progress along the first few dozen yards of the way up the mountain to work out an ETA at the summit. Her speed was about 5 yards/ minute, the height of the mountain is, roughly estimated, infinite, so the ascent will take her infinity/ 5 yards/min = forever. An accurate result, if not entirely heartening. And the cynic in me can’t help but point out that before her exposure to scientific thought, Snuka would have arrived at the precisely same result just by looking at the damn mountain. Oh well…

But it’s probably not a bad idea for her to ditch the ninja protocol, anyway. Because, frankly, she isn’t that great at it. Her camouflage is extremely convincing, but the creepycreepy? I measured the font, and the letters aren’t any smaller than back when Biff was camouflaged as a bush. It’s hard to say how loud Biff’s creepycreepy is compared to his stompstomp, but his stompstomp is pretty loud, and I’m reasonably sure that his creepycreepy would also be louder than average – and that’s definitely too loud for a ninja. Snuka should either work on moving more silently, or organize some smaller letters for her sound effect, before she becomes a disgrace to the whole tradition. ._.

More on Thursday.

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