Yes, it is! – Chap. 5, Act 3, Strip 10

Having decided to kick the ninja stuff after his exhaustive scientific inquest into the matter, Snuka has decided to try a jetpack next. Typically, you’d have expected him to go with pirate stuff instead of ninja stuff, since that’s more clearly the opposite – but Snuka didn’t want to encroach on Captain Father’s territory, and he was burning to try out that jetpack, anyway. Now his feet are burning, since the jetpack was apparently not designed with barefoot people in mind.

Apparently, it was also designed without consideration for people who use it without having any idea what they’re doing. It’s odd how often engineers make that mistake. ._.

In conclusion, I concur with Snuka’s opinion that that was rather stupid of her.

Leaving even aside the fact that a jetpack constitues a slight anachronims in the context of 16th century Japan. Snuka’s lucky that the only natives she’s passed so far have been too preoccupied to fully notice her. But say, those two samurai look vaguely similar. Is it possible they’ve shown up before? Is it mere coincidence? A weird time displacement effect? Parallel universe? Universally constant characters? Plot convenience? A pointless cameo? Or could it be…

…Ancient Astro…uh, I mean, something else?

Only time will tell. ._.
More on Monday.

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