Booby balance – Chap. 5, Act 2, Strip 7

Yeah, I’m sorry, Snuka, but there was just no other way. You see, a time travel detachment needs gender balance. With the kind of strict gender segregation that was common throughout many epochs of history, you can easily end up in a situation where some place or asset is acessible only to persons of a specific gender. That’s why both teams need a female member, and since Mopey is only one person…really, there was no other way. ._.

That, plus it’s funny. XD

As for the how, that gender change serum was a by-product of the Professor’s research for cosmetics. Unfortunately, the experiment was a failure – so Snuka might be female now, but he’s still as liable to develop wrinkles than before. Well, at least it kept the price down. If it had actually helped against wrinkles, the packaging and marketing would have cost a fortune!

It’s not entirely ready for the market, yet, anyhow – While they’ve got a grip on the side-effects and contraindications by now, Mopey and the Professor haven’t yet been able to come up with a good market name for the gender change serum. The Professor only came up with obvious things like “Switcheroo forte”, and Mopey’s suggestion all were a bit uneven-handed, like “P33n-be-gone”. ._. They might have to ask some marketing professionals for that one.

More on Monday.

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