The big divide – Chap. 5, Act 2, Strip 6

Yeah, Biff is a bit unsure regarding the proper terminology. He knows he’s supposed to have bulging muscles in various places, and that he’s to take pride in them and refer to them in a pseudo-nochalant manner – but learning all of the different expressions is the hardest part of training for him, and the one he fails most often at. Still, he knew that “six-pack of guns” couldn’t be right, because that’s way more guns than you need – ever since his ROTC days, Biff has been aware that guns can be used more than once. Before that, he always threw them away after one shot, since that is what they do in pirate movies. ._.

Aside from that, the whole time machine driver’s ed thing went pretty much exactly the way Biff had feared. The class was boring, the movie was scary, then they had group assignments, he was the last one left over, and then they drew straws to decide who had to take him. He’s been there, done that many, many times before. ._.

For Professor Chronometricos, however, things turned out far more complicated than he had anticipated. He thought that that palette swap should be pretty easy to accomplish. After all, the task only comprised covering the existing layer of color with an additional color. He had the new color, in a can, in a semi-fluid state, as well as a means of physical application. Theoretically, he shouldn’t have ended up covered in the color himself. And frankly, he can’t even say how it happened. ._.

More on Thursday.

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