Scary movie – Chap. 5, Act 2, Strip 5

Another success for the Professor’s highly sophisticated educational techniques: just as intended, showing that little shock movie “scared ’em straight”. Assumedly. I mean, there can be no shadow of a doubt that it scared them, even terribly…and they’re not engaged in any discernible homosexual activity, so there is no evidence to the contrary of them being straight. Scared straight vs. scared and not obviously not straight – meh, close enough. The Professor will take it, his pedagogic successes are few and far between enough. And he felt the “straight” part was omissible, anyway – in fact statistically, gay time travelers have no higher accident rates than straight ones. As long as they’re scared enough, presumably.

Now the next challenge will be un-scaring our friends again, at least a bit – in their present state, they probably can’t really be made to even step into a time machine. But the Professor will burn that bridge as he gets to it.

And no, the room doesn’t have any windows. It doesn’t need any, since it has blinds instead. And in movies, blinds typically operate on a simpler principle than they do in real life: if you open the blinds, the set lighting grows brighter.

More on Monday.

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