Brood, brood, brood… – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 61

As the tradition requires after a significant success by the heroes, we take a quick look at what Evil is doing in the meantime.

Unsurprisingly, especially at this stage, it’s doing what it does best: brooding. To make its brooding more…uh…broodingly…it broods in a brooding fortress beyond a brooding mountain range in the East. In a comfortable brooding chair. These guys are clearly pros, at least when it comes to brooding. This is also borne out by the timelessly classic design of the brooding lair – aside from changing material choices, this design will last for millennia.

The Shadow Demon, for one, is quite elated with the brooding mood. For if Evil was not doing what it does best, but rather doing what it does second best – i.e., if it was raging instead of brooding – he would not have been given a second chance. With Evil in a raging mood, he’d probably been disintegrated, as the natural target of that rage: not because he bears any responsibility for the failure, but because he’d have been the only available target (Takeshi being, naturally, untouchable).

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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