Call of Dumby – Chap. 6, Act 2, Strip 17

Halloween is over for another year, but shock and horror continues! To be specific, Mopey’s shock at a surprising and inconvenient telephone call, and Snuka’s horror at just having earned himself a demerit badge.

Yeah, I guess he must belong to some old-school ultra-orthodox scouting organization that doesn’t shy away from trampling their scouts’ fragile self-esteem. And to make matters worse, he’ll get the “Got-Everyone-Caught” demerit badge immediately after qualifying for the “Got-Himself-Caught” demerit badge, so he’ll also get the “Earned-Two-Demerit-Badges-(And-This-One)-In-A-Day” special demerit badge. His only consolation is that he isn’t in the British branch of his scouting org, or he’d actually have to add those demerits as acronyms to his name, making him Snuka Doctor, GHC, GEC, ETDB(ATO)IAD. (At least I think that that’s how that works. >_> )

Mopey, meanwhile, remains univolved in scouting, and so doesn’t earn a “Forgot-To-Switch-Her-Cellphone-To-Silent-On-A-Covert-Operation” demerit badge. Bue she totally should. >_>

More on Thursday!

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