Halloween Special 2015 – Chap. 6, Act 2, Strip 16


As always, Halloween remains the one annual celebration that the B-Movie Comic can’t pass over, due to the holiday’s strong affiliation with B-movies and schlock in general.

And the holiday coincidented nicely with goings-on in the plot, anyway – our protagonists were already dressed up and about to make a house-call as things stood, it only required slight tweaking to turn this into something properly Halloweenish. In the process, resulting in the most environmentally-conscious costumes the cast have ever worn for such an occasion. So that’s a definite bonus.

Mopey continues to work on her leadership skills, in the meantime. She’s got a few little hang-ups regarding the proper phrasing, but that comes with the territory, when you mode of movement is creepy…uh, creeping. But notice the other, smarter bit of re-phrasing she did – she’s reduced the (much reduced) Scientific Air Service Squad to a Scientific Air Service Team. That way, she can claim her unit is about full strength even when it’s down to only three members.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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