Can’t keep his liquor… – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 90

Well, up to this point the Professor actually kind of enjoyed his drunk hallucination, but now it’s gone quite a bit too far.

Seeing double is to be expected with that Newton cider, but seeing your own double? That’s something else…and especially so when it turns out that your double has absolutely lost any sense of fashion. Not that the Professor would lay claim to having impeccable fashion sense, but he has a bit more than that. >_> He might wear something like that on the golf course…if he played golf, that is…but certainly not when to a formal occasion. And breaking through someone’s wall with your car is a formal occasion – it would be really rude to do if you do it all casually. >_>

As happens in comics and B-movies, the shocking sight is enough to return the Professor to perfect sobriety and also immediately makes him give up drinking forever. Needless to say, that’s a considerable compression of a process that can take a real long time in real life, but that’s just not the territory of B-movies. Too much risk of winning an Academy Award if you try to do that subject matter justice.

I’ve allowed myself to illustrate the symbolic act of disposing of the bottle with a snippet from Casablanca. Coincidentally, it seems that a growing number of viewers of that classic misinterpret that scene to mean that Captain Renault is giving up alcohol at that point…that’s actually mineral water he’s throwing away, and the symbolism stems from the fact it’s Vichy water – from the spa town that served as the capital of the French collaboratist government of Gen. Petain. The scene symbolises a switch of loyality, not a change of lifestyle – Capt. Renault will ally with the Free French now, but very likely without giving up drinking.

On a side note, I was quite surprised at how creepy the Professor looks without his eyebrows on his face. I think I’ll never let him do that again. O_O;

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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