This strip sponsered by the number 3 – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 91

Meanwhile, back in Tokyo…

…with the mecha-kaiju and its pilot paralyzed by forces beyond believability, the bio-kaiju easily gains the upper hand and launches a series of devastating attacks! Not necessarily the most devastating attacks at its disposal, but classic attacks that get a good crowd reaction without involving too much of a risk of injury. ._. And can you blame it? If you consider the stakes, an injury at this point in time could prove incredibly consequential! Clearly better to play it somewhat safe. >_> And it’s not like the audience complains. Neither of them, actually.

But then! It’s the most shocking sverve ever! The bio-kaiju pins the mecha-kaiju and it should easily have been a three-count! But the referre wasn’t there!

The referee, in fact, wasn’t yet aware he was supposed to be the referee, and when he realized it it was already to late to get the shirt on in time. (And that was indeed the only problem. Contrary to rumor (spread mostly by Mopey), Biff could have managed the counting-to-three part. His mathematic ability isn’t top-notch, but he can regularly count to five, and occasionally reaches six or even seven. Three would have been easy, especially since wrestling referees aren’t supposed to count quickly.)

And so the match continues! But will the mecha-kaiju be able to stage a comeback? Stay tuned for the thrilllllling answer. Or just guess it, that shouldn’t be too difficult, either. >_>

More on Thursday.

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