Clearly Not Enough Numbers In That Phone – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 80

Well, you can’t deny that that guy has experience, and that’s really all that Latho has claimed for him.

Latho didn’t say it’d call anyone competent…or popular…or someone who isn’t a mere afterthought retroactively squeezed into already extant footage to waste time and provide (largely unnecessary) exposition. Latho only said ‘experienced’. >_>

The robotic guy in question answers to the intriguing name of 8-Dork-8 in this plot, and is an obvious homage…of sorts…to 7-Zark-7, the robotic character from Battle of the Planets. Because…well, we’ve got a homage to Tetsujin, right? And I have this highly conflicted relationship to nostalgia in principle…so to counter Tetsujin’s presence, I felt I needed to include something to make the point that the good old times weren’t actually all that good at times. >_> And 7-Zark-7 seemed perfect to make that point – I mean, how do you manage to create a robotic character which is unpopular with children in 1978, just one year after the release of Star Wars? That takes either a small bit of “I am evil”, a moderate amount of “I don’t know what I’m doing” or a mid-sized mountain of “I just don’t care enough”. I suspect the latter, but come to your own conclusions.

Anyway, so here’s 8-Dork-8…let’s wait and see what he’ll be able to do for Latho. If I was in Latho’s place, I wouldn’t expect too much…>_>

More on Thursday.