Couldn’t Hurt a (Non-butter-)Fly – Chapter 8 Epilogue, Strip 3

Yeah, creating those ominous evil butterflies was a bit of an issue for the production. In the past, George might have attempted to paint the death head design on them by hand…but his hands are no longer quite as steady, and he can’t even recall where he put all of his traditional media art supplies. He’s been fully digital for so long by now…

The full digital approach makes creating the design much easier, of course, but getting it onto the butterflies a bit more difficult. George thought a printer might work, but neither a laser printer nor a color jet fulfilled the task satisfactorily. They caused quite different sorts of issues for the butterflies, but both sorts of issues were equally bad.

I truly wonder what the Humane Society would say about this. When they certify a movie production as animal-friendly, do they take insects into account? Where do they draw the line, and how is it not arbitrary? But if they do consider insects, is there any movie production that could seriously claim that no insect was harmed during the production? I mean, someone probably swatted a fly or stepped on an ant at some point…

More on Monday.

2 Replies to “Couldn’t Hurt a (Non-butter-)Fly – Chapter 8 Epilogue, Strip 3”

  1. Of course, the advantage here is that nobody would certify a Nobucks movie for anything regardless, so nobody is expecting it. After all, that costs money!

    1. That’s true, but most of those certification authorities seem to work on something akin to the protection money method…so I’m not sure whether even somebody like Nolan Nobucks could get around paying them. XD

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