Llamaparka? – Chapter 8 Epilogue, Strip 4

A small mistake by George, but a pretty expensive one. Renting 300 llamas isn’t cheap, after all, and cleaning up after them isn’t cheap and is a real pain in the ass for Lee, as well. Renting 300 llamas, cleaning up after them, then renting 300 alpacas and cleaning up after them is even less cheap, and two pains in the ass for Lee. So, yeah, he should have done the research.

Full disclosure: I do know that there’s a difference between llamas (lama glama) and alpacas (lama pacos), but I really wouldn’t be able to tell the difference when encountering either. So, should I have gotten it right in this strip and its original version, it’s all thanks to Google image search providing me with the appropriate references. Should these llamas today actually be alpacas, and the alpacas in the original strip have been llamas, it’s similarly Google’s fault. ._.

And, well…we’ve dealt extensively with pirates vs. ninjas, so now we’ve also dealt the llamas vs. aplacas conflict. By and by, we’ll get to all of those great internet rivalries…

More on Thursday.

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