Yanki Doodling – Chapter 8 Epilogue, Strip 5

And another little slip-up by George, although this one was a lot easier to correct: switching out the shades for nerd glasses quickly undid all of the damage.

It’s hard to blame George, anyway – he’s American*, after all, so he’s new to all of these Japanese popular media paradigms. Within the Japanese context, only normal, nerdy-looking glasses have the power to instantaneously turn a character into a meganekko stereotype. Shades don’t have the same effect, and come with a high risk of turning the character into a yanki stereotype instead. And, seriously, if there’s anything that could have made the twins worse than they already turned out to be, it would have been turning them into yankis. I shudder just thinking about that. >_>

George is more used to the American tropes, of course, where glasses turn you into a nerd and shades turn you into a dork – two concepts that are so closely related that they would hardly make any sort of difference in a medium as unsubtle as a B-movie. =P

More on Monday.

* Or Canadian, I guess. When I switched the location of Lillytown from the US to Canada, I don’t think I clearly define whether that would also apply to the production company and its staff…

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  1. Or round-rim glassed to make you a whiny little bitch who throws away the greatest rock band in the world for a talentless Asian chick who spoils everything she touches…

    1. Which is one way of looking at it, although personally I tend to think that the Beatles had started breaking apart, largely over the conflict between Paul and George, before Yoko even entered the picture. That’s not to say she didn’t have a detrimental influence, but the end result might still have been largely the same without her. John publicly taking responsibility for the break-up while subtly implying it was Paul’s fault…was just another example of John’s superior knack for public speaking. XD

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