Caught the bullet (technically shell) – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 72

Saved at the last (fraction of a) second, or just one more victim of Biff’s unfortunate lack of knowledge in the field of vintage control technology?

The basic outline of Professor Dr.’s desperate plan of desperation is still seemingly intact, it seems – while Biff’s stupidity was either too much or too little to supply just the right amount of randomness to make the satistically improbably happen, something even more improbably happens to supply another shot: somebody even more stupid than Biff gets thrown into the picture. How big could the chances of that have been, given how very, very few people of that description are likely to exist?

And “thrown into the picture” seems like the wrong phrase, actually. It looks more like he jumped, which all by itself would most certainly be enough to seize the crown from Biff – the crown that looks like a cone-shaped paper hat with “dunce” written on it. In crayon.

As an aside, it’s very commendable that the Professor’s last thought – or what he thought would be his last thought – concerned improvements to the educational system. Less commendable is the mental picture that his subconscious supplied to accompany that thought, which happened to be of a cattle prod.

Although make a not of George Geekish’s mastery at combining two separate bits of slow-motion footage. His timing is so accurate, Grooman’s jump would hardly have had to exceed Mach 5 to make it go down exactly like this. It would have been a perfect job if he had thought of including the sound of Grooman breaking the sound barrier.

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