Winnie the Groo – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 73

So, naturally, “Grooman” was not really a mysteriously preserved relic of the Hyperborean age, or rather reimagined version of that age – he was really just Winston Churchill all along, which makes a lot more sense.

And it’s also just natural that Winston Churchill would don a disguise like that, because…
…well, because otherwise the story would be about him, and it wasn’t supposed to. While on the other hand, he had to appear in the story at some point. You can’t mention Churchill and then not have him show up in person, or at least you can’t in a B-movie. An A-movie might do it, but a B-movie doesn’t bother with that sort of snooty superiority.

Please also take note of my further efforts to ensure the highest degree of plausibility and logical integrity for this sequence – despite Winston Churchill being famously indestructible anyway, I added that additional thing with the metal cigar box, just to make it even more readily believable that he would easily survive a direct hit from a 820 kgs. shell.

Normally you’d expect a 1899 version of Churchill to look slightly younger than his ‘classic’ look, but from the photos I found of him in his younger years, the differences to his later incarnation were so marginal it really wasn’t worth the bother.

Of course all of that doesn’t yet explain how he got there, and what consequences his appearance will have, but it can’t be good for the Kaiser’s plans under any circumstances.

More on Monday.

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