Cave-in call in – Chapter 1, Strip 78

Fortunately, Col. Picetepus-Smythe had Headquarters already on the phone when he suddenly needed to reassess his casualty estimates

By Jove! What a terrible shock, isn’t it?

Just when it seemed that our heroes had saved their friend and vanquished evil, the whole mountain had to collapse on them. What a sad day for the b-movie comic – most of the cast getting killed, not to mention a full regiment of infantry. I know cliché would have called for a timely escape, but that would have been too stereotypical, wouldn’t it?

Speaking of clichés, we have covered another one today: the stiff-lipped, imperturbable British officer. Based on an exaggeration of a late Victorian officer ideal, this stereotype is represented on the silver screen most clearly in various of Edward Fox’s roles. Note that this stereotype only applies to army officers. For air force officers see Sir Winston, and British naval officers have had a stereotype completely to themselves since Trafalgar (at the latest).

Not showing any change in facial expression, ever, is just part of that stereotype, it has nothing to do with me being to lazy to draw two different faces. It pained me to have to reuse that drawing, but it had to be in the name of accuracy. PAINED, I’m serious.

Grief and cricket – poor Picetepus-Smythe. His afternoon is going to be mind-numbing in any case.

Speaking of people hurt by rocks, a new voting incentive is going up today. It features our friend Harry once more, but since it is the thirteenth, it turned out a bit unlucky for him. (By the way, there’s now a ‘Hall of Retired Incentives’ thing in the forum.)

My heart goes out to everyone whom this strip reminded of his experiences this finals week. Don’t miss Monday’s update, to learn how the world at large reacts to the sad news of our friends’ untimely demise.

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