Taking the fall (for the team) – Chapter 1, Strip 77b

Being accident-prone has two sad consequences in the long run: Your body will be in a more and more sorry state, and the people around you will care less and less.

So here’s a new entry into our cliché-a-thon. It’s another absolutely mandatory one: when the protagonists are fleeing, one person has to stumble and fall down. Admittedly, it would have been more common to see a female protagonist stumble, but Mopey just got back up to form, so I didn’t want to have her lying flat on her back again after just two strips. And Snuka is already bandaged, so that’s more efficient, anyway.

And it’s true, when you are accident-prone, people are going to feel less and less sorry for you, the more they get used to your regular mishaps. It’s unfair, but that’s just the way the human mind works. And it obviously works for fictional characters, as well – I already feel beginning to enjoy doing these things to Snuka/Lee.

At least I didn’t have him swept from the floor into Biff’s strong arms, and carried to safety – which is what stereotype would demand to have happen to a female stumbler. Stumbleress. Whatever.

(There were times when I put the above-average incidence of female characters stumbling in movies down to the ridiculously impractical footwear they were stuck with, but even the return of a semblance of sanity to female shoe fashion didn’t really help their stumbling habit. So I guess it’s chauvinism, after all.)

But will Snuka be able to escape the RAPIDLY collapsing caves despite this delay? Will ANYONE escape? Will I EVER stop to overuse capitalization? Find out on Thursday, when we introduce the final character from our cast page that didn’t yet appear in the strip.

If Snuka’s tragic fate moved you heart, please vote for me. If it didn’t, you have a heart of stone, sir, I must say.

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