Chaotic Vista – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 2

You know, sitting in some sort of bunker and taking a look at the chaos outside through a periscope can probably be quite uplifting, if you approach it with the right mindset.

But Biff doesn’t seem to be in that, right at the moment – perhaps there’s just too much chaos swirling outside of his ill-defined refuge of questionable safety. Or perhaps there are limited supplies* or problems with the energy supply. Whatever the reason, Biff is quite dismayed by the results of his survey. But…he still seems to be in better shape than Mopey was in in the last strip, so that counts for something.

As for visually depicting chaos, at first flush you’d think it would be easy – after all, shouldn’t it be a prime example of “anything goes”? After all, who could ever state “that’s not what chaos looks like”? But in practice, it’s actually not that simple to capture chaos…so, ultimately, I’ve stuck with established visual interpretations of chaos from popular media. =P (Well, with a hint of science, but only a hint).

Still, I was surprised how difficult depicting chaos was for me – after all, I’m surrounded by chaos here, especially on my desktop. You’d think that that would provide ample reference for the depiction of chaos – but in the effect, it only made it more difficult to get anything done. As it always does, of course, but in this specific case it felt kinda…unfair.

More on Monday

* You know, if it’s not one of those bunkers that have unlimited stockpiles of supplies. >_>

4 Replies to “Chaotic Vista – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 2”

  1. It’s so Chaos that Jeff Goldblum is throwing out context-free terms better explained in Crichton’s text!

    1. And even Chrichton’s knowledge of the subject matter was rather pedestrian. In defense of the movie, 80 % of the running time would have been taken up with blatant exposition if they had really tried to explain it. And Goldblum really sold those fragments well, you gotta leave him that. XD

  2. If you are searching for a safe bunker, I can recommend a bunker from the game Lobotomy Corporation. People inside the bunker can’t be harmed in any way, and their health and sanity are gradually restored. But the longer they sit in the bunker, the more shit and chaos happening OUTSIDE of the bunker. This makes the bunker literally the safest place on Earth.

    1. I don’t know the game, but it describes the situation the characters currently find themselves in really well. And, well…technically, bunkers are supposed to be safe places. But only as long as you manage to keep its location secret, which is quite difficult in view of the effort required to build them…when the location of the bunker becomes known, staying mobile might be the safer option…

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