Chapter 1, Strip 16

This episode mostly serves to pick up some of the loose ends from the earlier strips.

For example I wanted to make clear that the vulture gets something to eat, so that nobody needs to fear it will starve to death because it can’t eat the mummy.

Secondly I wanted to clarify that the management of the rallye learns of the lost driver’s fate, so they can remove him from the tableau and there won’t be any problems in scoring for the other drivers.

And thirdly there seems to be some confusion regarding whether the mummy is one of the good guys or one of the bad guys, with all his killing people, and stuff. Here you can clearly see him caring for some animal’s wellbeing, so he is doubtlessly one of the good guys.

Oh, and of course I wanted to put beyond doubt the fact that the driver is really dead, and his funds rightfully orphaned, or else Snuka would have been — a thief !

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